Providing quality counsel effectively and efficiently is the fabric of our firm’s culture. Stinson Leonard Street is one of the few law firms to offer dedicated legal project managers to support attorneys and clients – allowing our attorneys to focus on legal counsel and providing clients with the level of predictability and transparency they deserve.

Our Legal Project Management Program was created in response to our business savvy clients and our increasing work with in-house counsel. In order to formalize the adoption of project management techniques within the legal industry, the firm invested in a team of certified legal project managers who work closely with pricing analysts and technology strategists. Together those professionals have built internal systems and controls to proactively serve clients with detailed information, project plans, timeline updates and reporting. Three tenets of our program are as follows:

  • Scope—Pricing strategists and legal project managers participate in new business opportunities and client meetings to design a client service model with the appropriate level of project management support.
  • Predictability—Our teams of administrative professionals have diverse backgrounds in finance, law, technology, operations management and project management. They draw upon those strengths to provide predictability to the delivery of legal service, including consistent status and budget reports.
  • Efficiencies—Legal project managers utilize the firm’s expertise and historical data to create custom client service teams and value pricing arrangements. They also stay up-to-date on the latest developments in legal project management, technology and industry trends to make sure your client experience meets your expectations.


At the attorney or client request, a dedicated legal project manager partners directly with the client and legal team to provide budget monitoring, process efficiencies, and regular reporting updates. Providing this additional layer of service helps ensure that what is promised is delivered – legal representation delivered on time, on budget, with transparency, predictability and accountability.

Below are client specific examples of how a dedicated legal project manager enriched our client’s experience of working with our attorneys and firm.

  • Enhanced status updates—We supported ERP Properties (NYSE: EPR), a specialty real estate investment trust, in their desire to implement electronic checklists on their real estate transactions using a new platform. A dedicated legal project manager receives transaction status updates and relevant emails daily to update the checklists with real-time data. The benefit to the client is assurance that the information will be updated and the legal team is able to focus on the legal work while the dedicated LPM handles administration of the deal checklist.
  • Predictability in spend—The LPM team collaborated with employment attorneys in developing a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) review package with fixed fee pricing. Firm client G&K Services engaged our attorneys to conduct the FLSA audit and a legal project manager provided fee monitoring and fee updates to the legal team to support the alternative fee arrangement.